Premier Foods has a rich history spanning over 130 years.

  • 1882 – The Port Elizabeth Steam Mill Company Limited is formed
  • 1884 – Newly-erected mills are opened by John Brister, mayor of Port Elizabeth. The Snowflake brand is registered
  • 1887 – Expansion into Cape Town. JW Stephen & Co appointed as agents
  • 1891 – Cape Town’s Attwells Bakery merges with the Port Elizabeth Steam Mill Company to form the South African Milling Company Limited (SA Milling). First advertisements for Snowflake Flour appear
  • Anglo-Boer war - A new mill is built in Cape Town standing 50 meters tall. SA Milling begins the conversion of the original Port Elizabeth plant to produce maize meal and samp. An entirely new flour mill is erected
  • 1909 – With the unification of South Africa, the first Transvaal representative, Mr Joseph Summers of Klerksdorp is appointed by SA Milling. SAMCO products are popularised on the ‘platteland’.
  • 1910 – SA Milling enters the shipping business by buying an iron steamer, travelling between Cape Town and as far north as Walvis Bay. The company also invested in the first delivery truck in the country, a Sentinel steam lorry used in Cape Town.
  • 1912 - Proposition made to control the well-known Premier Milling Company Limited (Premier Milling)
  • 1923/1924 – A new mill is built at Salt River for $100,000; an astronomical figure at the time
  • 1955 – The Isando site in Johannesburg is identified for a factory to be built and for the head office of SA Milling to be established
  • 1955 – The Isando site in Johannesburg is identified for a factory to be built and for the head office of SA Milling to be established
  • 1958 - Associated South African Bakeries (ASAB) is established through close co-operation between SA Milling and Premier Milling
  • 1959 -  SA Milling’s head office moves from Port Elizabeth to the newly built Snowflake Flour Mill in Joist Street, Isando
  • 1960 - SA Milling acquires Pretoria West Flour Mill
  • 1964: Premier Milling merges with SA Milling
  • 1978 - The Snowflake Mill at Thaba N’chu (between Bloemfontein and Lesotho) opens
  • 1982 - SA Milling celebrates its centenary. A maize mill is incorporated on the Isando premises in Johannesburg
  • 1987 - The new Snowflake wheat mill opens in Vereeniging
  • 1998 - General Food Industries Limited (Genfood) purchases Premier Food Industries Limited and merged into Premier Foods Limited (Premier Foods)
  • 2004 - Foundation for African Business and Consumer Services (FABCOS) acquires 74% interest in Premier Foods, with FABCOS being the controlling shareholder with 55%, while Genhold (Genfood’s holding company) held a 26% stake
  • 2011- International investment group Brait S.A. becomes the strategic long-term shareholder in Premier Foods
  • 2012 – Premier Foods enters Swaziland through the acquisition of a controlling stake in Mr. Bread and Swaziland United Bakeries
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