Snowflake is a true South African icon and its heritage dates back to 1882. Snowflake is expertly milled in 5 Wheat Mills nationwide and reaches the lives of all South Africans every day as a consumer brand. Snowflake has been a trusted product in households for over 130 years, due to its unique selling proposition “too fresh to flop” which guarantees consistent quality of baking, delivering exceptional baking results! New methods of refining wheat make Snowflake Wheat Flour whiter and finer, ensuring that one of South Africa’s elite flour brands will continue to appear in kitchens across the nation for generations to come.

The Snowflake product range includes Cake Wheat Flour, White and Brown Bread Wheat Flour, Self raising Wheat Flour as well as 500gm and 1kg packs of Semolina and Nutty Wheat High Bran Wheat Flour and a 350g pack of Snowflake Digestive Bran.

Snowflake White Bread Flour is a pure wheaten product that is not as white as Snowflake Cake Wheat Flour. It is largely used by bakeries and consumers to produce white bread, loaf-type cakes as well as for thickening gravies and sauces.

Snowflake Brown Bread Wheat Flour is made from Snowflake White Bread Wheat Flour, to which approximately 12% fine wheaten bran (a valuable source of fibre) has been added. It is largely used by commercial bakers to produce brown bread, and domestically to make pastry, bread and scones.

Snowflake Semolina is a pure wheaten product in granular form. It is largely used in the manufacture of spaghetti, noodles and other pastas. It is used for sprinkling under unbaked pizza bases and pastry cases to prevent them from becoming soggy. It is also ideal for porridge and puddings.

Snowflake Nutty Wheat High Bran Wheat Flour is whole-wheat flour that has been made from Snowflake White Bread Flour to which about 18% coarse wheaten bran has been added. It is the healthiest of all the flours, as it has high fibre content, which is an essential part of any diet. It is suitable for baking scones, muffins, bread, pastries and rusks.

Snowflake Self Raising Wheat Flour is cake flour to which a raising agent has been added to give lightness to the product. It is suitable for quick-mix and baked products such as scones, waffles, cakes and biscuits.
Snowflake Digestive Bran is made by removing the outer layer of the wheat kernel. It is an unrefined by-product of flour that is rich in cellulose and important fibre product. Snowflake Digestive Bran is also rich in vitamins and minerals. It can be added to bread, scones and muesli and sprinkled over porridge and cereals.


With value-added products such as the Snowflake Easymix, Snowflake Creations and Snowflake Playtime ranges of instant muffin, cake and cupcake mixes, as well as our Edible Cake Toppers, SNOWFLAKE makes every housewife a master baker!

Tip: Do not add fresh flour to old when refilling containers. Place a bay leaf in the container to discourage weevil infestation.








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